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Visiting the Aquascope

Aquascope is a nature centre built of glass and wood at the edge of Virelles pond. Here you will find everything necessary assure a warm welcome and take you on a voyage of discovery among the surrounding natural wealth. You won’t find any animals in captivity: nothing sensational, no artificial displays. Instead, we invite you discover nature as it really is. We take you to nature, not the other way round.

An enthusiastic team is waiting to welcome you!


Inside the building you will find an interactive discovery space where you can learn in an entertaining way by “diving” into the aquatic world, together with large-screen showings of the film “Les 4 saisons de Virelles” and various temporary exhibitions (nature photographs, paintings etc.). On weekends and during school holidays our nature guides will take you on a 45 minute guided tour that includes real-time video displays of the pond, the nesting sites and the feeding sites.

On the outside walk you will find a hide and an observation tower with telescopes for watching the birds, a “Moses crossing” (parting of the waters) between backwater and pond to discover life underwater, a treetop walk to discover life above ground and a discovery trail on the theme of sustainable development.

Finally, the restaurant and large playground afford ample opportunity to linger and relax beside the pond.

Our aim is to share the wonders of the environment with you, to make you aware of the beauty and fragility of nature, and last but not least to give you a great day out!

Aquascope is open to individual visitors and groups, all year round. We look forward to welcoming you soon.


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  • for individuals: Museum Lab and large-screen showings of the film “Les 4 saisons de Virelles”, guided indoor tour and viewing of real-time video displays (weekends and school holidays only, lasting around 45 minutes, normally in French but sometimes possible in Dutch or English, depending on the nature guide); outdoor discovery trail (free visit); large adventure playground; restaurant; temporary exhibitions; nature shop.

  • for groups: welcome by a nature guide, presentation of a model of the site, showing of the film “Les 4 seasons de Virelles” and real-time video displays on the big screen, guided tour of the Museum Lab (lasting about 45 minutes); outside discovery trail (free visit or guided, lasting about 90 minutes). The guided tours are given in French, Dutch or English, on reservation.



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